International Women’s Day

International Women's Day celebration organised by Ela Chauhan and Shree Rajput Samaj Ladies Group. Celebrate the achievements of WOMEN with amazing SPEAKERS 💥including the inspirational powerhouse Sandra Pollock 💥 starting at 4 pm, tomorrow on SATURDAY, 30 MARCH at the Rajput Centre on Glen Street, #Belgrave, #Leicester. Information stalls, refreshments to buy and activities for the children! Everyone is welcome. Photos from the…
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My Life, My Power Women’s Programme

Our My Life, My Power Women's programme ran in Leicester from June - August 2017. This programme saw a range of women from various communities join us to improve their confidence, life skills, relationships in the homes and with their partners, as well and career prospects.  Click on the photo above to see some of…
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Promoting Writing In Schools

Some of our team visited the Sir Jonathan North Community College is an all-girls school in Leicester to talk about reading books. Both Sandra Pollock and Nirmala Bhojani from our Inspiring You team are authors and were able to share their experience and motivation on books and writing. The talk focused on how girls are…
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