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[large]Welcome to our Inspiring You TV 

The Inspiring You TV Channel is the place to come here from some of the most inspiring women right here in our local community.  We are proud to be able to share their stories with you.  We thank each woman for their support which allows us to share the journey of their struggles and accomplishments with you.

So grab a cup of your favourite drink and take a few minutes to sit back and listen, learn, and be inspired.

Inspiring You TV - Series 2

Sandra Pollock host of Inspiring You TV chats with Sara O'Regan, Founder, Bra Sense.
Sara shares her story about how she got started in her business and what inspired her.
Starting from a situation many might find difficult Sara managed to create something lasting.

Episode 2 - Sandra and Nirmala

In this interview, Sandra Pollock speak with Nirmala Bhojani, Journalist, and Author.
Nirmala talks about her experiences when she first came to Leicester and the work she and other women did to improve how Asian women are view and to improve the resources and facilities available in those early days.
"Nirmala Bhojani is one of those unsung heroines of Leicester who has done a tremendous amount of work in the background, over many years. It was a pleasure to talk with her." Sandra Pollock

Episode 1 - Sandra and Samantha

Sandra Pollock chats with Samantha Houghton, a Leicester business woman, who suffered depression in her youth and early adulthood. Samantha talks about her struggles and how she got through this life challenge to become the success she is today. Depression a subject not always well faced. This interview shows that success can be achieved, even for those who deal with depression now.

Hearing stories from our members 

John and Sheonah

Recorded at our June 2015 Inspiring You Celebration.  John Coster interviews Sheonah Hillman as she explains how a 3-year-old make an inspiring difference that has impacted lives on the other side of the global.
Sandra and Precious
This video was recorded at our June 2015 Inspiring You Celebrations in Leicester. Sandra Pollock talks with Precious Jason, Director of Etie'no Skincare Ltd about her work and how she got started.
John and Senika
John Coster chats with Luvinbling Owner and Jewellery Maker, Senika Simon about inspiration at the June 2015 Inspiring You Celebration.  Senika is a multi-talented young business owner, with lots of talent.  We look forward to hearing more from her in the future.
Inspiring You  Series 1 
Episode 4 - Sandra & Tina

Introducing the wonderful Tina Barton of Wotbox Participation. Designing structures to enable the active involvement of individuals to become integral to the development of any projects life span, capturing journeys and assessing impact.
Inspiring You - Series 1 
Episode 3 - Sandra & Mark

Mark Esho, Director of Easy Internet Solutions, shares how he has achieved success in spite of a challenging start. 
 Inspiring You Series 1   
Episode 2 - Sandra & Jaina

When life gives you lemons, so people make lemonade.  Hear how Jaina Mistry took on what would have been a setback for some to create the inspiring life she now leads.
Inspiring You Series 1 
'Inspiring You' Episode 1 -
Introducing Sandra Pollock

Inspiring You is the brainchild of Sandra Pollock, Director of Open Mind Coaching. Here Sandra talks with Becky Edwards of LeicsTV and shares why she started this amazing programme and club.

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